If you’ve ever watched David Beckham play soccer you’ve probably noticed that he has this amazing ability to bend or curve the ball. At the same time, you are probably wishing that you could learn how to bend a soccer ball just as he does. Believe it or not, bending a soccer ball is significantly easier than most people think. At the same time, it is a skill that needs to be developed over time. You can’t expect to be able to bend a ball like David Beckham without putting a little bit of practice and hard work into it. First, it is important for you to realize that bending a soccer ball has more to do with how well you make contact with the ball than the amount of power that you put on the ball.

Many amateur soccer players make the mistake of trying to bend a soccer ball by kicking the ball with their toe. This is a big mistake because it’s significantly easier to bend the ball with the inside of your foot. To bend the ball you must use your lower leg to glance the surface of the ball in one direction. This should be combined with the forward motion of your leg which will generate the power of your pass or shot. First, you should practice curving the ball with the inside of your foot against a soccer net or a wall.

After you’ve gotten a feel for curving the ball you can start to practice taking free kicks at the top of the box. David Bechkham has scored some of the most legendary free kick goals in the history of soccer from the top of the eighteen yard box. If you’ve ever watched him do this you will notice that he engages his upper body as well as his upper body. Before he strikes the ball he takes approximately three to four steps away from the ball. This allows him to pace his approach to the ball accordingly. You will also notice that Bechkham uses his arms when taking a free kick. This allows him to generate a little bit of extra torque or spin on the ball when he kicks it. Either way, this should give you a little bit of insight when it comes to learning how to bend a soccer ball like David Bechkham. If you really want to master bending the ball you’ll just have to practice!