The Importance Of Sports Among The Children

In this time of indoor entertainment such as television and computer games, children in the UK do not move enough. Only 47% of young people exercise sufficiently and meet a standard of 60 minutes per day. The most obvious consequence of this is that they become too heavy. As a parent, you are therefore encouraged on all sides to let your child exercise more. But why are exercise and sports so important? The pediatric exercise therapist sheds light on this issue.

A Month Without Basketball...and Sports

Exercise Is Very Important For A Child’s Development.

Children naturally love to do this. Of course, it is good for the body and for the condition, but it is also very important for the development of the brain. The latter is especially important for young children. By exercising, children pick up many skills that are important later in learning. Think, for example, of language and spatial insight. Children learn concepts like above, behind, left and right by moving.

Motor growth forms the basis for all further development. When children do not exercise enough, we see a decline in concentration. In combination with eating too much and unhealthy food, they can also become overweight. If you teach children in their first years of life to move a lot and that moving is fun, they will continue to move in their later life and will also benefit greatly.

From What Age Is Exercise Important?

It starts during pregnancy. The organ of balance is stimulated by the movements that the mother makes or that the baby makes. And this stimulates motor skills and brain development. In fact, exercise is essential for babies. By laying them on the stomach regularly, they learn to raise the head. And this raising of the head then stimulates them to other skills, such as rolling from belly to back and back.  But if you do this when your baby is awake, it really won’t hurt. In fact, we highly recommend it. Often the babies don’t like the tummy time at first, but if you keep it up, you will see that they get used to this very quickly.


Is The Picture Correct That Children Today Move Less Than Before?

Life can no longer be compared to ‘earlier’. Children have less spontaneous chances of movement. In practice, you hardly see any children who jump outside, bounce balls against the wall, or go elastic. This is not to say that everything used to be better. But with the advent of the computer, iPad, and television, children hardly opt for relaxation through exertion. Sometimes there is a trend again, for example, that all children go out elastics again, or like ‘wave-boarding’ a few years ago. That made me very happy: all those children who were playing and exercising outside.

Does Sports Offer Something Extra For Children?

For the child, sport is not only a way to move around and be active, but also to develop social skills. For example, by exercising you learn to wait your turn or to work together and you learn what it is like to belong to a group. In addition, it helps a child to build confidence. Maybe he or she cannot keep up well at school, but he or she is a very good attacker during football.


A sport that has become very popular for children, specially in Sweden is Golf. Read more about golf at