Indoor Soccer Drills

If you are a youth soccer coach and you live in a cold region, you may be looking for some indoor soccer drills to do with your youth soccer team. When living in a cold climate, you can often lose several months of training with your team. Indoor soccer drills are a great way to minimize this loss of time and sometimes a way to eliminate this loss of time entirely. The following indoor soccer drills work well on turf as well as a gym floor. If you can get an indoor soccer facility to train at that is better, but otherwise you can use any gym for these indoor soccer drills.

One of the best indoor soccer drills is called the two line passing drill. For the two-line passing drill you should place two cones approximately ten yards apart from each other. You should then have half of your team line up behind one cone and half of your team line up behind the other cone. These two lines of players should be facing one another because they will be passing a soccer ball back and forth during this indoor soccer drill.

This indoor soccer drill begins with the first player on one line passing the ball to the first player on another line. After this first player passes the soccer ball to the other line, he should follow his pass and sprint to the end of the other line. The next player should then do the same thing that this first player did. This can be one of the best indoor soccer drills if your players execute the drill correctly. There are several key points to remember when running this indoor soccer drill.

The first key to executing this indoor soccer drill correctly is that your players need to focus on passing the ball crisply, firmly, as well as accurately. By doing this they will turn the two-line passing drill into one of the best indoor soccer drills. The next key point is that players need to sprint as fast as they can to the other line after they pass the ball. Either way, the two-line passing drill is by far one of the best indoor soccer drills if executed properly. This indoor soccer drills is great because it gives players the opportunity to focus on developing their passing technique even during the harsh winter months of the year.