Mastering the Soccer Kick

Soccer is a very difficult sport to play, regardless of age or fitness level. It requires much out of your body, and the most physically fit will have to dig deep at the end of a game to keep stride with others. Regardless, even the fittest player will not succeed if they do not know the basics of the game. One of the most difficult aspects of the game, oddly enough, is kicking the ball. While this seems simple, it is one of the hardest to master. There are many movements that need to mesh effortlessly into one swift, sweeping kick.

One of the most important things to remember is that all of these movements must be put into one continuous motion. Firstly, you must eye your target. This will help you train your foot to follow your eye. It will take practice, weeks at best. This dedication though, will give your kick deadly accuracy. Secondly, after you improve your accuracy, then start making your kick less predictable, start trying to curve the ball. Importantly, you must learn to keep your head down now when shooting. This will help keep the ball on target, instead of shooting it over the post. Then, kicking the ball to make it curve will take practice too. To curve inward, sweep your foot towards the inside of the ball, and follow through your kick. Also, the same approach should be taken towards an outward curve, except kicking the outside part of the ball. Also, when you become proficient in this technique, try kicking the ball closer to the top and bottom, trying to create topspin and backspin, respectively. This will cause the ball to rise for more distance, or drop drastically for a precise cross or putting the ball to the post.

Mastering these techniques will take time, but, along with having speed and endurance, this added skill will make your game exponentially better, and the goals will start flying immediately. Also, it would be a great skill to show off to your friends as well.