The Truth About ODP Soccer

If your son or daughter plays on a youth soccer team you may have heard about ODP soccer at one point or another. During the ten years prior to 2008, the ODP soccer system was the national scouting system for youth soccer players in America. If a player was in the ODP soccer system they could eventually get recruited to play for a regional or youth national team. The ODP soccer system is broken into state teams and regional teams. There are five regions in the country, each taking up a different part of the country.

Each state has one or two ODP soccer teams in the ODP soccer system. Tryouts for each ODP soccer team take place during the late summer and early fall. The tryout process is truly not the greatest. Hundreds of players come to ODP soccer tryouts and there are only a few coaches available to scout players for the ODP soccer system. The other bad thing about ODP is that it costs a lot of money to play on the ODP soccer team. To fix this, the US Soccer Foundation came up with something to replace the old ODP soccer system.

The US Soccer Foundation recognized that ODP soccer wasn’t doing its job when it came to scouting players for youth and regional national teams. In 2008, the US Soccer Foundation created a youth soccer league called the US Soccer Development Academy League. The US Soccer Development Academy League is currently significantly better than the ODP soccer system. Early on in 2008, thousands of teams across the country sent in their applications for this league to the US Soccer Foundation in Chicago. Only 60 clubs were accepted into this prestigious league that is still running strong today.

The ODP soccer system still exists, but it is only supplementary to the scouting system that exists in the US Soccer Development Academy. If your son or daughter currently plays in the ODP soccer system you should try and get them over to the US Soccer Development Academy as quickly as possible. The reason for this is that in a few years the ODP soccer system will be completely eliminated from the national scouting system. The US Soccer Development Academy is doing a great job at scouting players for college soccer teams and helping players develop throughout the country. The future of US Soccer is looking bright because of this promising and prestigious league.